The Iconic Works of Max Dupain

Max Dupain was Australia's most respected and influential black & white photographer of the 20th century. His images capture a long gone era in which Australian society was vastly different from what it is now. With his documentary eye his images exude quality and demonstrate Dupain's mastership of light and form.

Dupain was considered the pioneer of modernism in Australian photography, an approach that departed from the sentimentality of soft focused, nostalgic imagery to the simplified world of light contrasts, sharp focus, varying angles and creative compositions. The collection displayed in the on-line gallery represents this style, as well as compositions consistent with his work as a documentary photographer.

The images found in the galleries are available as digital fine art prints, and to a lesser extent, Limited Edition hand prints made from the original negatives made by Dupain and bequeathed to his long time studio manager and photographer, Jill White. In 1992, Max passed away and left the 28,000 exhibition archive negatives to Jill for use by her. Jill has subsequently sold prints, produced books on his works and held exhibitions. While these negatives have been passed onto the NSW State Library for cataloguing and preservation, we have scanned most of his iconic and negatives of note. There are many more of Max's iconic images, from the exhibition archives, that are not displayed here and which will be displayed overtime. Enjoy browsing the galleries and appreciate the creative brilliance and skills of one of Australia's artistic icons.


Nude Cronulla 1930s

parallax background