– Dupain & his flowers –

Dupain bookended his personal photographic explorations of form with flowers. Beginning with his experimenting with surrealist photography such as solarisation and double exposure in the early to mid 1930s and ending with often single light source subjects taken in the studio and in his garden, Dupain found solace and peace in capturing the beauty within flowers.

The images are available as a fine art digital print (in various sizes), and a select few are also available as hand printed Limited Edition prints (production limited to 90 on 16×20″ Ilford paper). To enquire about the size options and prices, just click on the enquiry button in the pop-up enlarged image box.

WARNING: The negatives from which the prints are produced via a digitised scan are up to 90 years old. As a result of aging of the film and/or handling and storage of the negatives over those years, there are often blemishes, scratches across the surface of the negatives. We have made digital enhancments to the digitised images to offer clients a reasonable and/or high quaity finish (close to 100% of images are offered with no or few insignificant blemishes).

We have been selling these digital fine art prints without complaint, mostly, for over 20 years. So while they are of excellent quality, we will do not offer refunds for reason of ‘imperfections’ or slight blemishes. Purchasers should be aware of this prior to purchase. Prints are offered in their best possible reproduction quality.