Frequently Asked Questions


All images in the galleries are sold as digital fine art prints and many of the iconic images are also sold as collector's editions. Please read the following information about the types of images available for purchase as well as pricing and return policy.


The collectors' prints are produced in an edition of 90, that is only up to 90 will be produced in this way and size. They are hand printed on archival paper, thoroughly washed and selenium toned. The images are printed on 16"x 20" paper with white margins. Prints come with a certification of authenticity

The editions begin at 11/90 and $1,900. They increase in price for every five sold. It is important to contact us about the next edition number available and the subsequent price before ordering. Framing, postage and handling are extra.


High quality digital images of Dupain's best known works are printed on 270gsm Ilford Gold Mono Silk fibre paper. It is the best quality paper for high quality monochrome fine art printing. Standard size prints are 35cm wide by 28 cm high. Larger sizes are available. Prices on request.


Our printer inspects every print both as it comes out of the print and during cutting and rolling and will reject a print if it has kinks, folds, surface abrasions or any media surface failures (a single sub-millimetre dot of missing ink where perhaps the inkjet coating flaked is enough for us to reject and scrap even the biggest of prints).

The onus is on the purchaser to inspect purchased prints to their satisfaction upon receipt of the print. Max Dupain Exhibition Photography will not refund sale price if client expresses dissatisfaction of the print more than two weeks after dispatch as print imperfections may occur in time if storage conditions are not ideal.


All fine art and Edition prints can be returned for a refund if they are returned in their original condition within seven days of receipt. The purchaser must ensure that they are returned in original condition to be refunded at the full sale price. This condition is limited to once per purchaser over a five year period.

All products sold from the Max Dupain website cannot be returned after two months of our dispatch unless agreed to by us.


There are many hundreds of images of Australian landscapes, cityscapes, Australians, architecture and still life in the Max Dupain exhibition archive. If you have a specific type of image or theme that you are interested in of Dupain's, and it is not within the galleries, please feel free to contact us to see if there is an image of interest to you. Another way to find out about other images is to look through the books (refer to Max's books link).

The images shown in these galleries were scanned from the original negative. Given many of these negatives are up to 80 years old, there is likely to be imperfections both in the negative and the subsequent scan. while these will be minimised or removed, no guarantees can be made to perfect images and no returns will be accepted for a reason of imperfection. If the purchaser orders a print, it will be accepted by Max Dupain Exhibition Photography on the basis of their assumed satisfaction of the image displayed on the Max Dupain website


Prints can generally, depending on proper storage, be stored indefinitely rolled in the manner we supply them (with tissue paper facing the printed surface, in a BOPP plastic sleeve). However, the longer they are stored, the more “curl memory” they will have, although this is a non-issue for any competent framer.

Long term storage of unframed prints should be controlled for both humidity and temperature. Ideal conditions are 15-30 degrees and 30-55% relative humidity. We do not recommend long term storage of prints and we will not replace or refund any purchased print that has been stored for over two months since print dispatch to the purchaser.

Given the print paper is fine grade and susceptible to being kinked all prints should be handled with care – preferable only by the framer. We recommend that you give the purchased print to your framer as soon as possible for inspection and framing. We will not replace a print that may have been mishandled by the purchaser or other persons.

Once you open the package and take out the print for inspection, please follow the handling procedures to reduce the risk of damage: • Keep handling to a minimum. • Where possible, use cotton gloves to avoid the absorbtion of oils and/or marks from fingers. • To avoid damaging the printed surface, do not place the print face down on any surface or object. • Do not expose to extreme temperatures or humidity.